Digital Marketing Professionals Create Effective Campaigns Using Proven Methods

For the past decade, marketing has shifted from traditional communication tools, like newspapers and television, to digital channels, such as websites and social media. As this happened, it also changed the way that people rely on marketing to deliver information, create interest in products, and lead audiences to eventual purchases. Today’s marketing professionals use an array of communication channels including websites, email, social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, digital advertising, mobile marketing, and content production.

Digital Marketing Tools Reach Worldwide Audiences

Although this paradigm shift has created new opportunities for companies, marketing fundamentals remain the same. Professionals are still required to know how to create marketing and communication plans, develop business strategies, produce sound budgets, and manage customer relationships.

Digital marketing professionals, regardless of industry, concentrate on these factors:

  • Reaching Potential Audiences. Digital marketing is often about reach. Your product or service may be local, regional, national, or international, and since digital marketing can capture the attention of anyone, anywhere, creating an effective strategy for audience reach is crucial for most companies. Where once your audience may have learned about your goods through traditional forms of advertising, they now rely on websites and social media as their main source of shopping.
  • Focusing on Brand Development and Loyalty. Customer reviews are easy to find and can sway other potential purchasers’ buying habits. The digital age has made consumers aware of the many products that are available from around the globe, instead of only local or regional products. With millions of possible choices, it’s essential that marketing professionals develop and nurture brands. Once products are found, purchased, and used, consumers can be powerful brand ambassadors.
  • Managing Your Company’s Reputation. Social media has made it very simple for any customer to review your company’s product or service. The power of word-of-mouth has been amplified through online reviews and social media.  Properly harnessing and directing your online reputation should be handled by someone with digital media and marketing savvy.

As companies decide how to allocate their digital dollars, marketers must ensure that they are using the right tools to influence consumers. Lindenwood’s accredited Plaster School of Business and Entrepreneurship offers students flexible opportunities to earn a B.A. in Marketing degree while continuing to work full- or part-time. Contact us today at 636-373-7719 to learn more.