21st Century Skills That Will Boost Your Career in the Global Economy

The skills that you’ll be acquiring as you earn your online degree and then applying in your career will be different from the skills sought by the previous generation. Instead of performing a fixed knowledge base with few opportunities to problem solve, employers are increasingly seeking employees with the core proficiencies of social and communication skills, leadership, critical thinking, and flexibility.

Those who are earning an undergraduate degree are finding that:

  • There Are Fewer Borders. Right now, social media can influence large groups of people and initiate change, and crowdsourcing can provide new ideas from contributors around the world. Exchanging ideas and learning about other cultures, whether they are social or regional, has never been easier.
  • There Is a Larger Focus on the Global Economy. In the last 20 years, we started to see what involvement in a true global economy meant. Today, advanced and emerging economies consist of nearly 30 countries, and the workforce of the United States is responding with innovative solutions. It’s interesting to note that a large majority of careers in the global economy are right within our own country.
  • There Are More Opportunities that Require Frequent Job Changes. It’s common now to stay in a position for three to five years, and then move on to another job that builds upon your capabilities. Companies know this, so they expect that their employees will be able to jump right in and create their own opportunities while they are in a particular position.

Mastering new skills that are required of employees in the 21st century will make you more marketable over your lifetime, and Lindenwood Online’s undergraduate degrees in marketing, business, and general studies, as well as graduate degrees in education, educational technology, business administration, nursing, and leadership, are particularly well suited to the global economy. To learn more about Lindenwood Online’s convenient degree programs, contact us today.