What is Educational Technology?

Education Technology is a fairly new field that allows graduates to take leadership roles in schools, business, and industry that rely on instructional technology. Those who work in this field become experts in software, hardware, integrated technology and multimedia, which allows them to more effectively teach and train both kids and adults.

Why Should I Consider an Educational Technology Degree?

Most schools and colleges, as well as many businesses, are developing new educational and training initiatives incorporating new technology that is used to deliver information, including the Internet, laptops, SMART boards, tablets, media labs, technology labs and more.

Graduates of this online program will be able to design and develop sound instructional technology plans, including evaluating, budgeting and implementing initiatives in schools and companies. Additionally, as online virtual learning becomes more popular, those who hold this degree will be sought out by cyber schools, human resources areas and training departments.

A Blend of Instruction and Technology

Lindenwood University feels that the best instructional leaders can combine both “art” and “science” for the most effective preparation and delivery. Integrating technology into learning can help students learn and understand subjects quickly, reinforce topics and lessons and create a quality learning experience. As educational instructors develop, use, manage and evaluate technological methods, they will be better able to transform learning by utilizing technology.

What Are the Benefits of Earning an Online Master’s Degree in Educational Technology?

The convenience of being able to study and learn on your own time is the advantage that our students most love. Instead of working a master’s degree into your already-packed work schedule, you can log onto the student portal when you have time: morning, afternoon, evening—even the middle of the night.

There are other reasons that we attract so many dedicated students. The faculty that teaches Lindenwood University online courses consists of experienced educators with professional backgrounds in both teaching and technology.

We also offer financial aid, lifelong career support and embedded leadership development.

How Do I Earn an Online Educational Technology Degree?

The Educational Technology online degree offered by Lindenwood University consists of 37 credit hours broken into five core courses and seven core specialty courses, including a technology seminar, internship and capstone research project. All courses are available using our student portal. You just need a computer (and a printer is suggested), and you can earn a master’s degree that fits into your schedule.

Where Are Educational Technology Graduates Employed?

Educational Technology master’s degree graduates often work in public, private, charter and cyber schools for pre-K, elementary and secondary education. They also work in institutions of higher learning, including technology schools, vocational schools, junior colleges and four-year universities. They also take leadership roles in training and development departments in companies and organizations.

Fully Accredited
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