Your Earning Power: Starting Salaries of Popular Online Degrees

Popular Online Degrees

New careers come with new responsibilities and the opportunity to earn a higher salary. If you are ready to begin a new stage in your career, you’ll likely want to learn more about starting salaries as well as your earnings potential throughout the course of your employment.

Online Degrees with High Starting Salaries

Michigan State University’s annual Recruiting Trends Report provides information about salaries, hiring practices, and other employment practices.
These online degrees are just some of those that will boost a student’s career:

  • Marketing. Marketing degrees can be used in any industry, which is one of the reasons they are considered to be so valuable. These degrees span several disciplines, including business, product management, advertising, and research. Marketing professionals develop and execute marketing campaigns for departments, companies, and organizations in order to generate sales, promote products, or raise awareness. According to the latest reports from the collegiate Employment Research Institute, the average starting salary for a professional with an undergraduate marketing degree is more than $43,000.
  • MBA. People who have earned MBAs are attractive to employers because it means that they have specialized business knowledge. For instance, if you have an MBA, you can work in the financial sector—anywhere from a regional bank to Wall Street. MBA degree holders can also work in any part of health care, including hospital administration, health insurance companies, and medical billing. If you have an MBA, your starting salary will average more than $62,000. That’s just one of the reasons why so many people seek this degree.
  • Nursing. An MS in Nursing earns an average salary of more than $83,000. In fact, nurses with an MS may make more than $30,000 a year more than one who has a bachelor’s degree. Over several decades, that adds up to quite a difference. After graduation, with an MS in Nursing, you can expect to be in a leadership position in different healthcare settings, such as hospitals, insurance companies, outpatient centers, and community health organizations. You’ll likely have a role that allows you to educate patients, the public, or your fellow healthcare workers to ensure quality care in any setting.

Online Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees from an Accredited University

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