Why I’m Pursuing an Online Criminal Justice Degree

Lindenwood University’s online Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree attracts a large number of students from around the country who are looking to begin or advance their careers in law and law enforcement. Here are some first-person observations from some of our online students in the Criminal Justice program.

Ron, a police officer: “I’m former military, and my goal is to work for the Department of Homeland Security. I know that I’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice to get the best chance of being hired by that organization. With my police and military experience, I think I’ll be well positioned to contribute to our nation’s security. I choose Lindenwood’s online Criminal Justice degree because, first of all, it’s a great program. It has an excellent curriculum, with 128 credit hours, and courses in criminal law and criminal investigations. Being a police officer, I also have much greater control over my schedule by studying and learning through an online undergraduate program.”

Alicia, a retail service manager: “I entered the online Criminal Justice program at Lindenwood because I want to eventually become a lawyer. Most people I know who are going to law school have a business or political science bachelor’s degree, but I think that having an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice will take me further in my career. The courses in this program are tailored for people who really want to be involved in the court system like I do, and they’re very highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report. Plus, I work retail hours, which means that I could never get my bachelor’s degree without having to give up my job. The online experience has been great, and I really like my classmates, because they’re focused, just like I am.”

Ty, a corrections officer: “Right now, I’m a corrections officer near my small town in the Midwest. While I already have several years of experience working at a jail, I’d like to become a supervisor in a larger facility. To do that, I need to, first, get a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Lindenwood University’s online Criminal Justice degree was exactly what I was looking for: relevant courses, instructors with practical knowledge in this field, and a robust online program. There’s also a Criminal Justice internship that’s required of everyone in the program. I often work second or third shift, so I can’t attend on-campus classes, and the closest college with this kind of program is two hours away. I needed an excellent online undergraduate Criminal Justice program, and this one had everything I wanted.”

Melanie, a security guard: “My plan is to become a police officer. I have experience as a security guard at malls and office complexes, and now I’d like to earn a degree so that I can be hired as an officer. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get an undergraduate degree with the hours that I worked, but once I heard about online courses, I knew that I could complete a Criminal Justice program. When I looked into online programs, no one had the kind of support that Lindenwood University did. They treat all students the same, whether they’re on- or off-campus. I received help with admissions and financial aid, and their IT services department has been great.”

Lindenwood University’s online programs have been ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. Contact us today to learn more about our program and admissions guidelines.