Why An Online MBA Degree Is a Smart Investment In Your Future

A Masters of Business Administration degree is often the first step that you should take to power your career beyond your current position or field of work. An MBA allows you to develop skill sets, gain valuable experience, and increase your earnings far beyond what you can accomplish with a bachelor’s degree or a certification.

Lindenwood University offers an online MBA that is:

  • Convenient for students. We offer challenging coursework that is completed online, using just your computer and printer. You can still discuss your coursework with other students in your program, ask your instructor questions, complete your homework and take tests.
  • Great for busy professionals. Your schedule may be booked—but you can still earn your MBA no matter what your work hours, family life, or overall schedule demand from you. For instance, if you work during the day and would like to study at night and on the weekends, you’ll find online learning to be much more accommodating to your schedule than a traditional, on-campus program.
  • Grounded in real-world experience. Our instructors don’t just teach the coursework—they understand it. They all have real-world experience in their program area and can offer their insights about what they’ve learned as employees and business owners.

An MBA is an investment that will allow you to hone your analytical and problem-solving skills and then apply what you’ve learned in a variety of industries. We’ve polled our students, asking them why they wanted to earn an MBA, and they’ve said that an graduate business degree helps to:

Increase Your Earnings
Students who earn an MBA can expect to earn about 35 to 50 percent more than those with a bachelor’s degree. Salaries differ between regions of the U.S., states, and cities and also between industries, but a graduate business degree is always of value to your career, regardless of the money you earn.

Change Your Career Path
Our students often start working on a general MBA degree because they’d like to start a different career. Since the MBA is a broad degree—covering anything from finances, to law, to operations, to leadership—it can be applied to many different fields or industries. Our graduates are HR specialists, financial executives, management consultants, health care managers, and entrepreneurs who love to learn.

Acquire Senior Management Opportunities
Climbing the corporate ladder becomes much easier once you’ve earned an MBA. That’s because you now have specialized knowledge—both practical and theoretical—that can be utilized as a member of senior management in banks, hospitals, information technology firms, HR departments, the regional and national government, and digital media companies.

Start Your Own Business
An MBA gives you the tools that you will need to plan, build, and successfully run your own business. If you have a great idea that you’d like to develop, the courses in Lindenwood University’s online MBA program will help you develop your overall goals, refine your strategy, and plot your everyday work.

Lindenwood University Online’s MBA degree is 39 credit hours with the possibility of three prerequisite classes. Electives are available to add to a general MBA degree or to develop an MBA with emphasis in a certain area. The MBA courses are offered in nine-week terms for five terms every year. Contact Lindenwood University Online today to learn more about our convenient online MBA program.