Teachers Who Earn Master’s Degrees Produce Positive Effects on Student Learning

Does a teacher with a master’s degree help school students’ overall learning, retention, and testing abilities?

The Nation’s Report Card (NPC), a group that informs the public about academic achievement for elementary, middle, and secondary students, believes that it does. Every year, the NRC gathers data from educational assessments across the country on student and school performance. Using this data, as well as information from several other educational studies, this group has found that teachers who have earned a master’s degree often have students who test at elevated levels in first, second, fourth and eighth grade, as compared with teachers who have bachelors’ degrees.

Increased Student Performance; Better Grades

These reports and assessments have shown that teachers with graduate degrees have better mastery in reading, math, and science. Their knowledge translates into higher student test scores and a better grasp of the material, often leading to more varied higher education opportunities in the future.

Studies have pinpointed several reasons why those with master’s degrees are able to pass along more educational opportunities to their students:

  • Teachers with more credentials have been exposed to different educational pedagogies, including theory, design, and instruction, through their master’s degree coursework.
  • With their teachers’ guidance, students learn to make better, more effective use of resources in and around the classroom.
  • Master’s degree coursework in education often requires students to engage in real-world experience, going beyond just theory, in different classrooms and educational settings.

The Advantage to Earning an Online Education Degree

Those who are currently teaching often prefer a graduate degree in a specialty area, such as gifted education, educational technology, or teaching English to non-English speakers (TESOL). The curriculum required to complete these programs is often around 36 credit hours, or 12 classes. It’s a considerable amount to spend in a college classroom, and teachers who are seeking a graduate teaching degree are often already working full time. Online education programs and courses make it much more convenient to obtain a master’s degree in a specialized area while still teaching.

Lindenwood Online Accredited Teaching Programs

Lindenwood University Online provides educational opportunities that teachers can pursue at their convenience. These opportunities can help advance teachers’ careers and their students’ abilities in the classroom. Our online master’s programs for teachers or for those who wish to become instructors are fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and include theory and experience through internships and practicums.

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