Prepare for the Rise of Nonprofit Careers

Nonprofit organizations are everywhere, and they serve many purposes from feeding the hungry to helping the homeless. Then there are those nonprofit organizations that raise millions of dollars to fund all types of projects. Today’s nonprofits are no longer store-front operations with three or four people pleading for funds, typing newsletters and working long hours to provide service to clients or the community.

Many nonprofit organizations in the 21st century are run more like their corporate counterparts, having executive directors that function like CEOs and a hierarchy of staff persons, including chief financial officers, along with vice-presidents who oversee various areas like human resources, development, and operations. The complexity of modern nonprofit organizations points to the need for the type of education for nonprofit managers that an online nonprofit degree program can offer.

Nonprofit managers must have the skills to keep a nonprofit viable. The skills that can be learned in an online nonprofit degree program can help directors stay ahead of the curve. In a competitive environment where donations wax and wane, those who work in the nonprofit area must be able to justify why donors should continue to support their operations. In response to the Enron fiasco, the Sarbanes-Oxley act of 2002 forever changed the way businesses and nonprofits handle their finances, stressing more transparency in accounting practices. Nonprofit organizations must show evidence good outcomes to their clients, boards of directors and other stakeholders.

An online nonprofit degree program focuses on the courses to help nonprofit managers be successful. This includes courses in nonprofit accounting methods, communications, grant writing, program planning, evaluation, and public relations. By focusing on the courses that mirror the work that nonprofits do everyday, these online nonprofit degree programs give their graduates the knowledge and skills needed to run their organizations with professionally and with the transparency needed to keep the public’s trust.

Due to the surge of nonprofit organizations on the local, state and national level, now is the time to look into getting a degree from an online nonprofit degree program. An online nonprofit degree program provides the flexibility an aspiring nonprofit professional needs to earn a degree in the nonprofit area without leaving his or her current employment. A degree can be earned at the graduate level from the comfort of the student’s own home or office. Once the degree is earned, the graduate can expect to find a steady career in the nonprofit profession. A nonprofit degree also provides a strong background for the individual seeking a job in government or small businesses. New graduates will have the skills necessary to lead nonprofit agencies in the 21st century.