Online Criminal Justice College Graduates Job Opportunities

A growing number of college students are receiving an online degree, which includes an associate, bachelor, master and even a doctorate degree. One of the available educational choices for students is an online criminal justice degree. When looking for a college that offers an online degree, make sure the college is accredited and has a good reputation.

Some of the best positions to get experience in law enforcement following graduation from an online degree program include: border patrol agent, customs enforcement officer, immigration enforcement officer, transportation security specialist, U. S. Capitol police officer or a General Services Administration police officer. These areas of law enforcement are available without any prior law enforcement work history, along with an online criminal justice degree.

For instance, the border patrol program provides rigorous military training and the agents are taught to speak Spanish. Starting salaries range from $36,000 to $46,000 annually.

Law Enforcement Careers

The opportunities for a person with an online criminal justice degree are extensive. On the local level police officers are usually in high demand. The law enforcement field is an opportunity for a career that is exciting, with room for advancement.

Police officers must be U. S. citizens, pass a test, a physical exam, plus most metropolitan areas require at least an associate degree but prefer a bachelor degree. Other careers in law enforcement include:

  • County Sheriff
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • State Troopers
  • Game Wardens
  • Detectives
  • Canine Officers
  • Animal Cruelty Investigator
  • Park Rangers
  • Mounted Police Officer

Correctional Field

Careers in the correctional field are also a possibility for people with an online criminal justice degree. These include correctional officers, correctional counselors, parole and probation officers.

Crime Scene and Forensic Careers

An online degree can also prepare an individual for a career in crime scene investigation or forensic science. There are numerous forensic positions available, from latent print examination to a forensic toxicologist.

Legal and Court Positions

Courts have numerous positions that can be obtained with an online degree as well. Judges, defense attorneys, paralegals, court clerks and prosecutors are all examples of these positions.

Federal Law

Enforcement Opportunities

An online criminal justice degree will also open the door to many federal law enforcement careers. There is a growing demand for FBI careers, and the salaries are also rising. FBI or CIA careers requirements are similar to those of a police officer; however, a minimum of three years of law enforcement work experience is necessary. A bachelor degree from an accredited university recognized by the U. S. Secretary of Education is a requirement. This can be accomplished with an online degree.

There are numerous other federal careers as well, including: DEA agents, Ice agents, Immigration officers, ATF officers, Border Patrol agents and many more.

Private Security Careers

Private security and contractor careers are also jobs that are available after an individual completes their online criminal justice degree. Private investigators, loss prevention officers, and bounty hunters are just a few of these available positions.

Promising Future

The number of people seeking an online degree is growing consistently each year. An online criminal justice degree is an excellent way to obtain the education necessary to secure a good job with a promising future.