Lindenwood University Creates A Positive Economic Impact in Our Region

Lindenwood University has been named as an honoree in this year’s Annual Excellence in Community Development Awards Banquet. Hosted in November by Progress 64 WestSM, a civic organization that promotes responsible growth of commerce in the greater St. Louis region, the banquet’s theme is “Saluting Job Creators.”

How Lindenwood Boosts the Local Economy
Part of Lindenwood’s mission is to develop students as a whole person through values-centered instruction. We consider innovation and entrepreneurship to be important teachable qualities that lead our students to fulfilling careers and businesses that will create further job stability in our area.

Major developments over the past fifteen years have elevated Lindenwood University to one of Missouri’s premier job creators. In particular, Lindenwood has seen its student population increase by nearly 80 percent since 2001 to include about 17,000 students. This increase in students has brought us new opportunities that allow the University to develop more educational programs. That has created a larger workforce and strongly impacted our region’s development, economy, and employment rate. In 2010, our basic economic impact on the St. Louis metropolitan area was greater than $300 million.

The University brings value to St. Charles County and surrounding areas of greater St. Louis by:

  • Creating and supporting stable jobs. Lindenwood University grants degrees to more than 2,700 students every year. Nearly 3 out of 4 of those graduates decide to live and work in the greater St. Louis area.
  • Preparing students and professionals for the regional St. Louis economy. Lindenwood’s combination of theory and hands-on work helps to ensure that students will be ready to begin their careers and make an immediate impact for companies in our area. Our students become teachers, doctors, business leaders, writers, managers, and lawyers and choose to serve this area.
  • Enhancing education through the community. Lindenwood University produces the third-highest number of teachers in Missouri and educates the largest number of K-12 administrators in the state. Many of our students now teach in St. Charles County and instruct thousands of elementary, middle, and secondarystudents right here.
  • Providing quality higher education services through accredited on-campus and online programs. Lindenwood has about 6,000 full-time students and more than 11,000 working adults pursuing degrees during non-traditional hours. We have more than 120 undergraduate and graduate degrees and provide more than $40 million in direct financial aid.

We consider Lindenwood University to a responsible partner in the effort to bring economic success and job creation to the St. Louis area. We serve as a vital economic engine in our region and are grateful that our region’s business and economic leaders agree.