General Studies Degree Promotes Lifelong Learning

General studies coursework provides a broad range of subject matter that prepares students for careers in areas including government, law, teaching and management. It’s an exciting degree for a lifelong learner who may choose to apply the skills learned to a particular field or who wants to lay the groundwork for their next educational chapter.

Skills That Prepare You for a New Career

Online general studies degrees are suited to students who:

  • Would like to attain a liberal arts background. A program of liberal arts includes philosophy, arts, literature, math, and languages. This represents a diverse range of courses that will encourage you to think critically and creatively, gain varying perspectives on human culture and provide you with tangible skills for employment. Unlike some more narrow majors, a general studies degree will always be relevant no matter the industry you enter.
  • Show an interest in problem-solving. Liberal arts majors learn how to think not only analytically but also creatively, and they have the know-how to clearly present their findings. Many liberal arts graduates show superior time and project-management skills and have learned to hone their oral and written skills to help communicate with their customers, both internal and external.
  • Are active-duty military or veterans. For active-duty service members, an online general studies degree can be earned while fulfilling your service to our country. For military veterans, a general studies degree can prepare you for leadership roles in civilian employment.
  • Think that they might want to experience several careers in their lifetime. A generation or two ago, this would have been unthinkable. Now, many students want to experience different industries and careers, and a liberal arts degree will provide you with a practical education that allows you to move into and advance through different fields.
  • Want to carry existing credits from college courses. If you are carrying credits from a college or university, they can likely be transferred to another school and applied to a general studies degree.

Earn an Online General Studies Degree at Your Convenience

An online undergraduate general studies degree can be earned on your time. You simply need a computer and internet connection to begin your coursework. Instead of scheduling your work and your life around college classes, you can instead schedule your study time, homework, and online discussions around everything else in your life. It’s the most convenient way to continue your education so you can further advance your career.
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