Earning an MFA in Writing Opens Your Career Path

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Writing Degree is often sought by those who would like to make a living in creative writing, such as novels and poetry. It can also be used as a springboard to other careers that require imaginative writing within a more traditional background, such as a publishing company.

Occupations for MFA in Writing Degree Graduates

  • Journalist – Yes, it’s true that earning an MFA in Writing will likely give you more experience for creative arts endeavors, such as writing fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. However, many journalists who specialize in writing in the narrative style obtain this degree because it shows them how to craft stories for newspapers and magazines that run pieces to educate or entertain readers. Additionally, the heavy reading and writing workload that is the hallmark of most MFA Writing programs will train you (if you haven’t been trained already) on how to approach and meet deadlines.
  • Writing Instructor in Higher Education – One of the many requirements of obtaining a job as a writing instructor or professor at a college or university is often having a graduate arts-based degree, such as an MFA. Those who work for a college usually teach English, literature and creative writing classes. You generally must also be a published author before you can be considered for this kind of position, and entering an MFA program will also help you achieve those publishing goals.
  • Arts and Literature-related Positions – An MFA degree is highly sought after by organizations who would like staff who can communicate an artistic vision. Some examples of these types of employers include non-profits, museums, literary centers, arts organizations and businesses that rely on arts-infused programs and literature-savvy patrons.
  • Publishing Editor – A considerable portion of MFA Writing coursework involves critiquing and editing others’ work. When students graduate with this degree, some realize that they are naturals when it comes to editing other’s work. Their ability to constructively evaluate copy helps to polish pieces of writing, including newspapers, magazines, books and online copy.
  • Professional Review Author – Most authors have opinions on everything that they read, and MFA graduates are no different. Some find full-time or part-time work as book and poetry reviewers for newspapers, online magazines and writing journals.
  • Copywriter – All MFA Writing programs include workshops with an emphasis in fiction and non-fiction writing. You’ll learn how choosing the right words will resonate with readers, and after you graduate, this is a very valuable skill that advertising agencies look for from copywriters.

Lindenwood University Online offers an MFA in Writing that does not include a residency requirement. All of the coursework, including the thesis, is offered and completed online. Rolling admission, with four start times per year, is a particularly convenient option for those students who are looking for flexibility when earning an MFA in Writing. If you would like to learn more, please contact the admissions department at Lindenwood University Online today.