Companies Continue to Hire New MBA Graduates

Potential MBA students often wonder if the investment of earning a graduate business degree will pay off both professionally and financially. In a word: yes. An MBA is an important asset that you will be able to transfer from position to position and industry to industry. With several burgeoning industries beginning to hire more MBAs now than in the past, it’s time to think about how an MBA can boost your earnings and career.

MBA Trends That Are Attracting Potential Students

Obtaining an MBA is appealing to those who are already working and who expect to be in a management position for the majority of their careers. MBAs are popular graduate degrees because they offer:

  • Excellent Starting Salaries. Many MBAs are enjoying starting salaries of around $95,000, which makes the investment of graduate business school well worth it, since most MBAs expect that figure to grow year after year as they gain more experience. Mid-career salaries in marketing, technology, and finance range between $100,000 and $120,000.
  • A Rosy Job Outlook. According to several hiring reports, U.S. employers were adding additional recent MBAs to their employment rolls in 2013. In fact, in the Northeast, more than 90 percent of companies surveyed were looking to hire new MBAs—and to hire more of them than they had in previous years. Many new MBA graduates—nearly two-thirds, in fact—report that they already received job offers either at their current place of employment or at a different business.
  • Notable Hiring Trends. Companies who are hiring employees with MBAs are also considering hiring them in a state or region outside their usual area. That’s good news for those who may not live in a heavily populated or urban location and would like to remain in their current area while using their MBA.
  • New Opportunities. The hiring explosion in the U.S. energy sector (especially in the area of fuel extraction and refining) means that more MBAs will be needed there, as well as in the health care field. While finance is the most traditional MBA industry, many graduates are finding that they are fielding offers in other areas.

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