Closer Look at Criminal Justice Degrees

The criminal justice system consists of law enforcement agencies, courts and correctional institutions that are responsible for maintaining safety, preventing and punishing crime and rehabilitating offenders. Such a complex system would be utter chaos if it were not for some organization and structure. If you see yourself in the role of administrative functions, management or leader leadership in some facet of the criminal justice system, then consider completing a criminal justice administration degree.

A criminal justice administrator may work for a public institution or a private firm in various legal sectors. You will delve into a range of subject areas from leadership and ethics to managing the media and crime prevention theories.


Bachelors Programs

A Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration allows students to gain theoretical knowledge about the entire criminal justice system while gaining practical skills related to management and leading staff. Most institutions require core courses to be completed and then students may select a specialization area for their remaining credits. Possible specializations include Law Enforcement & Administration or Corrections. Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Criminal Justice Administration are more equipped for entry to mid-level positions at local, state and federal government or non-profit agencies or in the private sector.


Graduate Level Degrees

Perhaps you have just completed an undergraduate degree and wish to further specialize in the realm of administration and the criminal justice system. Or maybe you have already been working in the criminal justice field but would like to rise up the ranks. Then, a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration would be an ideal next step. This graduate program delves deeper into the organization of criminal justice agencies and focuses on areas such as human resources, ethics, policy and statistical analysis, media relations, communication and issues that arise within the administration process. Masters students will often be required to complete a research project and often have the option to select a specialization, such as Justice Administration or Forensic Science Administration.


Certificates in Criminal Justice Administration

A range of Certificates in Criminal Justice Administration are offered by Lindenwood University may be used to compliment undergraduate or graduate accreditation or serve as a form of professional development to advance your career. Generally such certification programs enable students to learn of all the administrative duties required to efficiently run law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, judicial proceedings or community organizations. Students also gain valuable research, problem solving and analytical skills and immerse themselves in criminal justice issues pertinent to the present day.