Applying for your MBA? How older applicants prepare for business school.

Earning your MBA is a decision that starts with a lot of planning—even before you begin your first class. Applying to business school can take months of preparation. If you’ve been in the work force for years, and you’re considering earning your MBA, here are some tips to guide you through the process. Ask yourself these questions:


What kind of MBA do I want to earn? First, decide if you’d like to earn a broad MBA or one with a

certain emphasis, such as leadership, small business management, or operations management. While a broad-based MBA is the most popular choice, your projected career path may require an area of specialization.


What MBA program and school should I choose? You can choose to take traditional on-campus courses, online courses, or a combination. With online degrees available, you’re no longer tied to a college that’s near your home or work. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be fully immersed in on-campus classes, consider online courses. First, make sure that both the online program and school is fully accredited. Then, call the admissions office and tell them you’d like to learn more about their MBA degree.


How will I pay?

Older applicants may find that they are paying for school at the same time they are saving for, or paying for, their child’s college education. Understand what the costs and fees are, and be sure to talk to college financial advisors about borrowing options. Your company may offer tuition benefits, so be sure to speak to someone in your human resources department. Remember, too, that those who earn an MBA can make a salary that is more than 50 percent of a bachelor’s degree salary.


Do I need to submit my resume? Many MBA programs require a professional resume that shows an applicant’s work background. If you haven’t updated your resume lately, make sure to add all pertinent information.
What else do I need? Request your official transcript from your previous college or colleges. Often, you’ll need a 3.0 or higher in your undergraduate courses to apply for an MBA. If you didn’t receive a 3.0, call the graduate admissions department of the school you’d like to apply to and find out what can be done to complete your application. You’ll need several letters of recommendation and a personal statement as well.


Lindenwood University Online offers an online MBA, as well as MBAs with an emphasis in different business areas. If you’re an MBA applicant with years of experience and would like to expand your education, give us a call today.