An Online MBA Degree Will Supercharge Your Career

A few decades ago, it was enough to graduate from high school, enter the workforce, and be a stellar performer. Later, the bachelor’s degree became mandatory for entry into most professional fields. That remains the case today, but as most if not all professionals have obtained their bachelor’s degree, successful people must do something to set themselves apart. Today, the best way to underscore your name in the job market is to pursue and obtain an online MBA degree.

The job market in St. Louis, Missouri is highly competitive today. For every job opening, there are hoards of qualified applicants aggressively pursuing the position. In many cases, resumes are sorted into three piles: under qualified, qualified, and highly qualified. As expected, under qualified applicants just don’t have the education or experience requirements for the job. Qualified applicants will meet all the bullet points, but they will fall into a large category of people who could be selected. The highly qualified pile, however, is where the job candidate wants to be. This person has set themselves ahead; they are ahead of the pack, and have the best chance for the job.

This process doesn’t just work for obtaining a new job, but promotions as well. Once an employee is seeking a management or executive level position, most firms start the process all over again. The question, as businesspeople, is this: what should you do to immediately place yourself in the highly qualified pile for a promotion or new opportunity?

The answer is to obtain an online MBA degree from a reputable Missouri or Illinois AACSB accredited school. All degrees are not created equal; in fact, disreputable institutions not accredited by the proper educational bodies abound. That’s why it’s important to do your research on the front end and ensure that the online MBA degree you pursue is of high quality. Lindenwood University Online is fully accredited and has 186 years of teaching success in the St. Louis market.

An online MBA degree isn’t just about getting a gold star on your resume. The courses you will take will propel your ability to perform in the business environment. Advanced understandings of how businesses operate at the management and executive level are critical for workers who have their sights set on the highest levels of business. For people who have been out of college for several years, an MBA serves as both a refresher course and an advanced primer on business management topics.

Particularly in Missouri and Illinois, the earnings gap between earners with their MBA and undergraduate is significant. Wage growth for workers with their MBA outpaces inflation by 2%, and those entering the job market with a MBA degree obtain salaries up to 50% higher than their bachelor’s degree counterparts. In addition to the salary increase, career fulfillment is increased for those with an MBA as they have far more doors open to them than those with just an undergraduate degree.

If you’re ready to propel your career to the next level, increase your salary, further your professional education, seek and obtain an online MBA degree today!