An Online MBA Degree Helps You Advance in Non-Traditional Management Careers

When you think of a typical MBA graduate’s career, you may assume that they’ll be hanging their hats at an accounting, banking, or real estate company for the rest of their working lives. While that is true in many cases, you can also earn an MBA degree to pursue your career in less typical “non-business” organizations.

Almost any business can thrive with a manager or employee who has an MBA degree. In the past decade, people have recognized that business expertise is important in every area—not just in traditional business fields.

Fulfilling Non-Traditional MBA Careers

  • Local Government — Cities, towns, counties, and municipalities all operate on a local legislative level and require a manager to handle financial, operational, and human resource departments. These careers are well-suited to MBA graduates because they use the same skills that are needed to run a for-profit company: business management, decision making, and fiscal responsibility. Local governments are microcosms of state and federal governments but allow you to interact with the people in your community.
  • Creative Fields — You may ask how an MBA can help a creative organization. In fact, there are many ways that a business degree can lead to a stronger company, no matter its focus. An MBA can introduce more targeted marketing, more efficient fundraising, and a healthier bottom line that can bolster any group—from an art gallery to a children’s theater to a dance troupe.
  • Non-Profit — Twenty years ago, an MBA working at a non-profit would sound like a contradiction. However, it’s become more common to see people with a graduate business degree at the helm of non-profit organizations. With so many non-profits dependent on donations and fundraising events—and with that slice of the pie becoming smaller in areas that continue to feel the effects of the recession—it’s important to have a staff that understands how to find, approach, and market to possible donors. Some people with an MBA also volunteer their time at non-profit organizations, using their specialized business knowledge to give back to their community.

Earn an Accredited MBA Degree Online

If you would like to earn an MBA, but can’t enter an on-campus program due to work, family responsibilities, or a busy travel schedule, then an online MBA program can help you advance your career, regardless of whether you would like to work on Wall Street or with your local government. Lindenwood Online offers an accredited online MBA program that you can complete on your own time, when it’s convenient for you. Call or contact us today to learn more about earning your online graduate business degree.