Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program

What is an Online Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program?

The Online Gerontology Graduate Certificate program is 18 credit hours. This curriculum allows students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a different discipline or experience in another profession to obtain a greater understanding of gerontology theory and research. The Online Gerontology Graduate Certificate approaches aging from a variety of perspectives, enabling students to expand their knowledge about programs and services for older adults; provide direct care; advocate for elders; and advise older persons and their families.
The Online Gerontology Graduate Certificate program is designed to prepare professionals for the challenges associated with an aging population in the global environment. Current curriculum content is based upon recommendations found in the standards and guidelines for gerontology programs prepared and presented by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE).

Why Should I Consider an Online Graduate Gerontology Certificate Program?

This completely online certificate program enables you to participate in carefully developed courses that will allow you to participate, on your own schedule, without ever having to come to campus – unless you so desire. Maintain your current job, travel, as needed, and fulfill your family obligations, while enhancing your knowledge and career prospects.

Where Are Online Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program Graduates Employed?

Graduate alumni of Lindenwood’s Gerontology Programs serve as directors of retirement housing complexes, managers of senior centers, nursing home administrators, researchers, founders of home health agencies, health and wellness programs, hospice care, nonprofit agencies, and a range of other careers dedicated to serving older individuals.